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What is TubeTarget?

Video marketing the most solid trend of 2019! YouTube has maintained its growth and viewership even while the interest in social sites is waning. Marketers are eager to discover the next big thing after Facebook, and YouTube ads it is.

This powerful SAAS gives you Facebook level targeting for your video advertisements. You can explore niches and narrow down the exact videos and channels that your target market is watching.

Result : You get the most targeted audience ever and they see your ad while they are actively looking for the product / service you are offering.

Users can easily export the targeting in a Google ads compatible CSV File and have their ads running in less than a few minutes.

The included training gives your customers the exact roadmap to get the best returns from the ads they run.

SAAS + Training, The Perfect Combo
Product For Your Eager Customers

Find the exact videos that people in your niche are watching.

Find the exact channels that the people in your niche are following.

Easily create your personal targeting catalog and get a Google Ads compatible CSV.

Detailed training shows you how to become a video ads winner

A Solution That
The Market Is Looking For

Facebook advertising is becoming costlier and costlier due to bid competition, and even worse, the active audience is falling in numbers.

People are already tired of the political bullshit and opinionated posts that they have cut down a lot on their Facebook time. It’s no longer a platform to share personal stories with, it’s a platform for political posturing.

In contrast, YouTube is growing impressively. More people are watching YouTube than ever and the existing audience is spending more and more time.

YouTube ads are now a real and powerful alternative to Facebook ads. This is the product that makes it easy for your buyers to get started with YouTube ads and get profits from them.

Powerful and full features.
No compromise on capabilities.

Gives you the exact targeting to dominate your niche convincingly.

Maintained & backed by a
professional company.

The included training makes it easy for even beginners to get started with YouTube ads.

The Most Powerful YouTube Ads Targeting System Created

  • Better targeting than Facebook. Get your audience when they are looking for your product.
  • Still underexploited with plenty of room for growth and sales.
  • Find thousands of targeted videos in any niche and mass export them for instant targeting.
  • Find hundreds of popular and high authority channels in any niche and instantly create targeting.
  • Cheaper clicks and a bigger audience than any social media platform.
  • Included YouTube ads training makes it super easy for you to get started even if you have 0 skills today.
  • Create constantly evolving campaigns centered around niches or keywords.
  • Instantly create export files that can be imported in Google ads.

YouTube Ads Are Exploding, It’s Your Time To Capitalize On The Trend


YouTube marketing is the most powerful trend of our market right now. The audience is fast moving from social to video and the marketers are eager to use all the ways they can to engage this moving crowd.

TubeTarget is the perfect new solution for this market. Right from Ecom marketers, lead marketers to all the people who have been advertising on Facebook and other social platforms, this is the perfect product to help them add a new dimension to their marketing.

The Most Powerful Video Targeting System Invented For Marketers

Find the right audience instantly

Find thousands of targeted channels and videos from your niche

Included training shows you everything

Get cheaper impressions and clicks

Build campaigns that you can continually improve

Export Google ads compatible CSV file and set up a campaign in minutes

Find fresh new customers for your business

Takes the pain out of video marketing

High Quality Product + Training In One Pack

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All About The OTOs

TubeTarget Pro Upgrade - $67

TubeTarget Pro Upgrade - $67

With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro level features.

  • Support for unlimited campaigns
  • Find unlimited videos
  • Find unlimited channels
  • Get multi-user accounts.
  • Commercial license with rights to sell video ads Marketing as a service.
  • Ready-made salespage to recruit email marketing customers.
  • 2 years of free upgrade

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